Message from the President

I would like to extend our appreciation for your continuous patronage to HOKKOKU BANK.

“NEXT QCS’S ” the New Medium-Term Business Plan

Previously, we have worked on “QCS’S ” the Medium-Term Business Plan, dedicated ourselves to various measures thoroughly with specific keywords of Q (Quality), C (Cost), S (Speed) and S (Smile) as core.
We started “NEXT QCS’S ” as our New Medium-Term Business Plan, in addition to pursuing and initiating our existing various measures. We believe in “always seeking for innovations and keep challenging” will lead to the productivity improvement of the entire region and contribute to the region itself. In the period of this plan, we strive to innovate and solve regional problems actively in order to pursue new challenges for the decade to come.

To achieve our Customer Satisfactions

We reevaluate CS (Customer Satisfaction) from the root so that our customers can have truly pleasant experiences with our service. We give serious thought to the real CS by going back to the basics. We ask ourselves --- “Are we providing our services with sincere greetings and smiles?”, “Are we using the proper choice of words and giving care to our own appearance to provide favorable impressions to our customers?”, “Are we expressing our gratitude to our customers?” and “Are our bank employees individually capable of thinking and performing their jobs accordingly?” We hope all our client companies and their employees become “HOKKOKU fans.”
We are also making an effort to establish a system to increase the productivity of the business and so the employees can finish their work and go home early. It has become possible by this system for each employee to have more self-time which means each of our employees can enjoy spending time with the family, deepen knowledge, education or hobbies, or participate in community events. We are confident that it will lead to our Customer Satisfactions by our continuous development of our employees to strengthen “human resources” with wide experiences, smart sensitivities and prosperous humanities.

Implementation of Relationship Banking

We strive to fulfill the enhancement of the consultant function based on the ideas of community-based finance and finance facilitation. We as a regional bank believe that the source of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is to fulfill the primary banking business securely.
It is of course the stable financing, and also we strive to become the trusted adviser for our corporate clients under a variety of circumstances including consultation services for M&A, business succession or overseas business support, the matching service of business partner introductions, or the consultation service of setting upon a plan of business development etc.
We strive to be able to propose the total life plan by enhanced asset management or various loan products for our individual clients. In addition, we are aiming to improve the convenience of our services by enhancing channels such as Internet banking and ATM.

As a regional financial institution:

This March (2015), Hokuriku Shinkansen Line opened in Kanazawa. Since then, our region has been increasing prosperity because it accelerates the interaction with the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area. Our primary business area is in the Hokuriku region centering in Ishikawa prefecture. Economic growth is expected in this region since it has advanced technical capabilities, abundant tourism resources, the arts, culture and sports.
Last November (2014), the construction of the “HOKKOKU head office building” completed and we relocated our head office to this building located at Kanazawa Station Kanazawa Minato-guchi (West Exit). This January (2015), we updated our main system and also successfully completed our large scale project which leads to further rapid activities for the future. We are now established with the systems that can provide higher-quality services for our customers in the region.
“Development of our bank cannot be achieved without our community's development” is our philosophy. We will continue dedicating ourselves to contribute to "regional improvement” in various forms in order to develop this region along with the smooth financing for the regional economy by establishing the “HOKKOKU brand” which is familiar and loved in our community, as individual bank employees as well as the entire financial institution.

April 2015

Tateki Ataka President