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Message from the President

I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your continuing patronage of HOKKOKU BANK.

One year has passed since the Hokuriku Shinkansen high-speed train began serving the Hokuriku region wherein the HOKKOKU BANK operates. Consequently, commerce with entities in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area and abroad has been on the rise, and the vibrant business activity prevalent elsewhere has been expanding into the Hokuriku area. Moreover, the Hokuriku region holds promise for achieving economic growth, amid an environment that offers sophisticated capabilities in manufacturing technologies, boasts abundant tourism resources, features thriving arts, culture, and sports programs, and maintains an outstanding balance of industry as a whole.

Operating in this environment, at HOKKOKU BANK we remain committed to walking hand-in-hand with people in our region to help ensure that the vibrancy of our communities continues well into the future.

Achieving true client-oriented principles

We are being called upon to provide ever more sophisticated services amid a rapidly changing business environment along with increasingly diverse client needs. Given the situation at hand, it is crucial that HOKKOKU BANK take swift action based on having gained precise insight regarding our clients’ needs. We are committed to acting as their bank of choice, and accordingly place great value on our points of customer contact while consistently taking action pursued from the viewpoint or our clients.

Raising regional productivity

As a bank that is firmly rooted in its communities, the HOKKOKU BANK believes that its efforts geared to soundly carrying out its primary banking services are the starting point of its corporate responsibilities to society (CSR).

Moreover, we are forging ahead in taking on regional revitalization efforts in our respective communities, amid a scenario of unavoidable challenges in terms of the region’s dwindling birthrate, as well as its aging and decreasing population.

At HOKKOKU BANK, we believe that efforts geared to helping raise productivity in the region have the potential to energize our communities while bringing about solutions to the challenges confronting it. To that end, we are working to upgrade our consulting capabilities, while moving forward in resolving challenges in the region overall, through efforts that include developing a cashless environment, as well as addressing specific issues facing local companies and municipal bodies. We further opened our Singapore Branch on March 18, 2016, enabling us to provide comprehensive support to local companies expanding into overseas markets. Going forward, we are committed to doing our utmost to satisfy the varied needs of our clients.

At HOKKOKU BANK, we will contribute to bringing about regional improvement in various forms with the aims of facilitating our region’s financial needs and hastening area development through efforts that involve more firmly establishing the well-known and cherished HOKKOKU brand, enlisting the support of each and every one of our employees as well as the organization as a whole, and premised on our motto asserting that “development of our bank cannot be achieved without our community's development.”

April 2016