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Medium-Term Business Plan

As of Jan. 6, 2017


With the medium-term business plan “QCS’S,” which we had been working on since April 2012, various measures have been implemented with intensive awareness of speed and quality at the base.
Though the circumstances surrounding the Bank is vigorous due to the effect from the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, it is assumed that difficult situations will still continue as falling and aging of populations are steadily escalating in the medium- to long-term along with increasing competition with the companies in the same industry as well as other industries.
At the same time of accelerating and penetrating various measures which have been carried out, the Bank considered “Challenging all the time for a reform” would help us to contribute to the regional revitalization which is directly linked to the main business of local banks, and prepared the new medium-term business plan.

Establish the Hokkoku brand based on human power, CS and high level of skills

Make continuous efforts against cost reduction

Seek overwhelming speed

Bring shines to the region through smiles!


April 2015 to March 2018

Basic theme
We will actively take on challenges to solve regional issues with a focus on real consulting function as we transform ourselves for new challenges toward the next decade

Basic strategy
(1) Toward real professional banking
(2) Improving organizational capability — an organization strong for change —
(3) Boosting shares in Hokuriku region
(4) Enhancing profitability and productivity
(5) Setting up the environment where women could play an active role
(6) Reducing NPL ratio

Target management benchmarks

  March 2016 (Actual)
Net profits from core business ¥17.9 billion
Ordinary profit ¥16.6 billion
Capital adequacy ratio(National standard) 12.81%
NPL ratio(Before partial direct write-off) 3.10%
March 2018 (Target)
¥17.5 billion or more
¥16.0 billion or more
14% — 15%
2% — 3%